Goal Trackers

These materials are for you to fit together and adapt in whatever way makes sense for you. If you want a plan that's more directive, here are some steps you could try out:


This describes a way of setting simple goals that build on prior ones over time. 


Goal Tracker Examples (PDF)

This chart provides samples of goals within the suggested progression levels.


Goal Tracker (PDF)

This is a blank PDF for you to write your own goals!


Goal Tracker Chart (Word)

This is an editable goal tracker.


Daily Habit Tracker (PDF)

This PDF chart is in calendar format to help you easily track progress towards your goals.


Daily Habit Tracker (Word)

This is an editable daily habit tracker.

If the idea of making goals and monitoring your progression gives you hives, skip that, but poke around to see if the podcast lists introduce you to an interesting new author or concept. 

Need help getting started? Check out our strategies to reach your goals.