Tips for Healthy Active Kids

Tip #1: Remove all processed snacks from the house

No cookies or candy, no chips, and no sweet drinks. Instead have available whole fruits, sandwiches with whole wheat bread, and salted nuts as snacks. My picky daughter likes hummus and carrot sticks. Set up these expectations before shopping and let them pick out fruits, or just don’t bring the kids shopping. Don’t keep in the house ice cream, sherbet, or prepared desserts. For desert, keep in stock frozen fruits for smoothies with either whole milk so it tastes good and gives good brain-building fats or coconut milk can be added to nut milks for an extra rich treat. 

Tip #2: Keep Moving

Instead of movies or sit-down activities, try to daily engage in body-moving activities the kids or family enjoys such as impromptu dance parties with younger kids; biking; walking on the beach, riverside, or in some area where you can enjoy nature; playing frisbee in the park; swimming; roller skating or in-line skating, or hiking. Instead of stuff for birthdays or Christmas, try giving activity gifts that the child has shown interest in, such as horseback riding, surfing camp, dance class, martial arts. Sign them up for active camps rather than learning or craft camps. 

Tip #3: Avoid breaded items

When going out to eat, avoid breaded items. Try out sweet potato fries or an authentic taco place. There are a lot of build-your-own type of eateries that cater to specific dietary needs. Go to a healthy spot that you’ve planned in advance so you won’t find yourself giving in to whining and begging for food that’s not a good choice.