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Podcasts on Spirituality

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To some, spirituality is simply to take a larger perspective. A larger perspective might help us to be at peace with covid 19 as a correction to our societal excesses. Kari Hohne gives this description of a well-documented ecosystem out of balance:

Hunted to near extinction near Yellowstone National Park, wolves were reintroduced to control the exploding bison and elk populations that grew in their absence. A chain reaction ensued. Biologists recorded numerous scavengers, including animals, birds, and insects that fed on the new carcasses. They discovered a food chain impact not previously appreciated. Once the park reverted to a more natural environment, the elk were again prey. They moved more, and grazed less on the willows, which also began to thrive. The flourishing willows allowed beavers to build dams and transform small meadows into lakes, where fish, waterfowl and other insects began to thrive….This unnatural intervention [of humans killing off wolves] caused a chain reaction of stagnation. It denied sustenance to a myriad of creatures.

Certainly we will grieve for losses and suffering, while we can also recognize the extent to which humans have sought to control rather than harmonize with nature, sometimes in obviously dysfunctional ways. For example, many civilized governments have not legally allowed a way for those who wish to die to do so peacefully, even if they have lived a long life and now feel useless and in pain.