The term dimensions of wellness comes from the field of public health, with the recognition that each part of life impacts the others, and goals in one area are hindered or helped by other areas. Psychotherapist Allen Wheelis, in How People Change, describes a gradual upward spiral as a way we make progress, which fits with the idea that as you master the basics in various areas, each new habit or accomplishment can support further development in the other life goals important to you.

No one can tell you how to prioritize these important dimensions of life. Some will have more importance at certain stages of life; all of them need at least maintenance level attention. Otherwise, lack of attention in one area will affect other areas, like those who neglect their physical health for so long that an ailment forces them to take time out. Another familiar story of imbalance is the driven worker in a demanding career finding himself both financially and emotionally devastated by a divorce after long neglect of the social dimension. These dimensions are interdependent. This site aims to help you plan how to get the minimum in each area, and to consider what the best balance may be for you at this time. Those that come first, you could think of as the physical needs and physical surroundings, then social capacities, and lastly feeling content while making a contribution.

This is a cafeteria style presentation of the best content I’ve managed to collect and post so far. There may be something here that fits for this season of your life. There’s not one best self help program for everyone. There’s not a one-size-fits all religious or spiritual path, relationship type, nutrition program, education style, lifestyle, or answer to the big questions. Pull together the parts that resonate with you at this time.

Progression Plan

A customizable plan to visualize important goals step-by-step.


Step-by-step: food, sleep, exercise, boost mood, & replace addictions.

Emotional & Spiritual

Goal trackers and worksheets about better mindsets & the big picture.

Financial Management

Goal trackers & a spreadsheet to help you get clarity & debt free.

Time Management

Step-by-step: calendars, morning routine, prioritizing, & outsourcing.

Social Connections

Respect, boundaries, & scheduled family and friend time.


Strategies and motivational tools to start keeping your spaces tidy and decluttered.


Career change or choice, skill sets, networking capacity, & teamwork.


Career path, pursuing education, side-hustles, or volunteering.

Upgrade Project/Career

Tips to help you expand your skillset, networking capacity, & teamwork abilities.