Intellectual Dimension (Talents & Interests)

This could be a hobby or just something you’re curious about. Don’t underestimate these, as they have the potential to merge with and benefit other areas of your life, such as work, social, health, and physical activities or sports. This category could represent a course of study for a career path.


There doesn’t have to be an outcome goal or long-term planning if you are simply engaged for enjoyment. Just be clear on why you are pursuing this interest. Is it for the approval of people who are important to you? What external and internal benefits are you expecting? Talk to people who are further ahead in the path, especially those who are experts and find out what are the downsides.

Benefits: You won't spend a lot of time and money on something you don't really enjoy and that doesn't meet your expected outcomes.


Find work or volunteer opportunities related to your interests. Applying your learning is the best way to get clear on what parts you enjoy and what you don't. A personal coach may be the fastest way to progress in your skill set, but only if you have practice and performance opportunities. You can learn a lot about informal cultural aspects of your pursuit by getting involved as a volunteer. 

Benefits: Learn in ways you won't get to from reading, lectures, or conferences.

Opportunity search

Find ways to shadow others to learn. Find mentors by offering to help with their projects for a certain number of hours in exchange for mentoring sessions. This could be spelled out or just a result of reciprocity norms because you’re likely to learn from them even without a formal mentoring session. Additionally, trade publications can keep you informed of new developments and career opportunities. 

Benefits: Find out about opportunities you might not know existed.


The platform is a useful way to find in-person local events where you can meet people with similar interests. 

Benefits: Make connections that can open new doors. 

Team Up

Even if your work or performance is solo, spending time with others in your same pursuits can create supportive relationships and open up opportunities as you advance. Learning who you can trust early on can be valuable as well. 

Benefits: You may find these acquaintances to become supportive colleagues later on. 

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